• Made by 18-8 STAINLESS STEEL
  • Having Embossed Measurement-lines
  • Lids can be hooked on side-wall of pots
  • Steam-block lids are also available

  • Item Number Inner Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Capacity Measure Line Handle
    Standard Lid Steam Block Lid
    SH-4608 SH-4608D 80mm 80mm 380cc Max300cc per 50cc ——
    SH-4609 SH-4609D 90mm 90mm 550cc Max500cc per 50cc ——
    SH-4610S —— 100mm 67mm 500cc Max400cc per 100cc ——
    SH-4610 SH-4610D 100mm 100mm 700cc Max700cc per 100cc ——
    SH-4612S —— 120mm 77mm 900cc Max800cc per 200cc ——
    SH-4612 SH-4612D 120mm 120mm 1.3L Max1.2L per0.2L ——
    SH-4614S —— 140mm 80mm 1.2L Max1.0L per 0.5L ——
    SH-4614 SH-4614D 140mm 140mm 2.1L Max2.0L per 0.2L ——
    SH-4616S —— 160mm 100mm 1.9L Max1.4L per 0.5L ——
    SH-4616 SH-4616D 160mm 160mm 3.2L Max3.0L per 0.5L ——
    SH-4618S —— 180mm 100mm 2.5L Max2.0L per 0.5L ——
    SH-4618 SH-4618D 180mm 180mm 4.5L Max4.0L per 0.5L ——
    SH-4620 SH-4620D 200mm 200mm 6.0L Max6.0L per 0.5L Equipped
    SH-4622 SH-4622D 220mm 220mm 8.0L Max8.0L per 1.0L Equipped
    SH-4624 SH-4624D 240mm 240mm 11.0L Max10.0L per 1.0L Equipped
    SH-4626 SH-4626D 260mm 260mm 13.0L Max12.0L per 1.0L Equipped
    SH-4628 SH-4628D 280mm 280mmm 16.0L Max16.0L per 2.0L Equipped
    SH-4630 SH-4630D 300mm 300mm 21.0L Max20.0L per 2.0L Equipped
    SH-4633 SH-4633D 330mm 330mm 26.0L Max24.0L per 2.0L Equipped
    SH-4636 SH-4636D 360mm 360mm 36.0L Max35.0L per 5.0L Equipped
    SH-4640 SH-4640D 400mm 400mm 48.0L Max45.0L per 5.0L Equipped
    SH-4645 SH-4645D 450mm 450mm 68.0L Max70.0L per 10.0L Equipped
    SH-4650 SH-4650D 500mm 500mm 94.0L Max90.0L per 10.0L Equipped
    SH-4655 SH-4655D 550mm 550mm 130.0L Max120.0L per 10.0L Equipped
    SH-4660 SH-4660D 600mm 600mm 165.0L Max160.0L per 10.0L Equipped
    SH-4665 SH-4665D 650mm 650mm 210.0L Max200.0L per 10.0L Equipped